PHP Web API Toolkit

The PHP Web API Toolkit aims to provide simple server-side tools to develop custom web APIs for your projects. It contains several tools that serve specific purposes of dealing with requests, responses and data on a web server.

  • Serialization: to speed up development of creating custom request handlers, or handling data from a database, you can rely on the serializer to convert your data to and from workable PHP objects or prepare it in a suitable format to send back to a client.
  • Unity Web Requests: the Unity game engine has a built-in HTTP framework to communicate with web services. Using this tool, you can easily define custom handlers for such incoming requests. Perfect for retrieving non-sensitive data or assets!
  • Photon WebRPC: secure communication with your web server is a feature provided by Exit Games’ Photon multiplayer framework for the Unity game engine. It allows to append simple web requests with additional information about where the request originates from and who made it, making sure you can validate the request is coming from a legitimate player. You can expect to find tools that tap into this and help you set up custom handlers on your server.

All details and download: Github.
License: MIT license.

Many of the server-side tools here work well with the C# Toolkit for Unity, which contains the client-side counterparts for them.

If you want to let us know what you’re working on using this toolkit, feel free to message us!