Tactical Camera

The Tactical Camera package for Unity contains an easy-to-use camera system, ideal for both top-down overview of your worlds and close-up action scenes. It offers a lot of freedom to define and customize its behavior.

Feature list:

  • Move the camera using the keyboard or screen edge detected, or double click to move to a target position.
  • Zoom in & out with a dynamic field of view to get a greater sense of scale.
  • Look around with restricted tilt angles, and orbit around a focus point.
  • Smooth collision detection with terrain and objects in your world.
  • Restricted area-of-operation to keep the camera inside the map boundaries.
  • Height-based parameters where the camera’s behaviour changes based on its altitude.
  • Extensive customization of behaviour through simple animation curves.
  • Minimal setup and easy integration.

It’s also designed to have minimal setup and integrate well in existing projects.

More details: GitHub page, download the latest release.
License: MIT License.

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If you want to let us know what you’re working on using this plugin, feel free to send a message our way!